The Newest MiLB Team- Rocket City Trash Pandas

Yesterday my husband shared some sports news with me that made me incredibly excited.  The MiLB has announced a new team that will make their debut in the 2020 season.  Introducing the Rocket City Trash Pandas.  This AA Affiliate of the Los Angeles Angels is currently playing in Mobile, AL as the Mobile BayBears.  In 2020, they will make the move to Madison, AL and assume a new identity in the process.

Why does this news have me so excited?  Well, there are numerous reasons.  I am a huge fan of Minor League Baseball.  In fact, I prefer going to MiLB games much more than Major League Baseball games.  Tickets very close to the field are inexpensive, though any seat is usually fantastic.  Players are more approachable, often talking to kids and signing autographs.  The atmosphere in a minor league stadium is fun and exciting, making for the perfect family outing.

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Peak to Peak National Scenic Byway

One day early on in our trip to Colorado, we found ourselves with some free time.  Surrounded by some of the most stunning scenery I have ever seen, we simply began to drive.  We began in Boulder, driving past Boulder Creek, before finding ourselves in Nederland.  From Nederland, we began heading north on Highway 72.

This portion of Highway 72 is part of the Peak to Peak National Scenic Byway.  The Peak to Peak Scenic Byway was established in 1918 and has the distinction of being the oldest scenic byway in Colorado.   The byway stretches for 55 miles, from I-70 in the south all the way to Estes Park in the north.

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Digital Scrapbooking Template- Around and Around Volume 1

When I am creating a new digital scrapbooking layout, it isn’t unusual for me to use a lot of geometric shapes.  The aesthetic is visually pleasing to my eye and fits my personal style perfectly.  I feel that it enables me to showcase my photographs as well as the stunning scrapbooking supplies I am using.

Within this template, you will find circles in a wide variety of sizes.  Some are cut from the background paper while others rest on top of it.  The photo spot is a rectangle, allowing it to pop and stand out among all the circles.

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Welcome to Extra Sprinkle

Hey everyone, I’m Desi.  Welcome to Extra Sprinkle. I am a mom and a wife living life to the fullest in northern suburban Atlanta.  I am a passionate storyteller and also a light sleeper, so I often lay in bed crafting tales in my head.  I have wanderlust in my heart and spend many hours daydreaming about all the new places I want to go and all the beautiful places I want to return to.  I love to be in the kitchen, but I also love discovering delicious new restaurants.  Chocolate and flavored lemonades are two of my favorite things.
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