Christmas Tree Word Art (Free Download)

The first year that we celebrated Christmas as a family of three we had an artificial Christmas tree.  That Christmas we also had two cats and they decided that the tree made a wonderful bed.  By the end of the holiday season, the tree was in pretty bad condition and we decided to toss it.  The next year, we decided to buy a real tree.  Neither Darren nor I had ever had one growing up and we thought it sounded wonderful.  We became smitten with the delightful aroma of a real Christmas tree and purchased one each year after that.

This year, after nine years of having a real Christmas tree, an artificial tree once again graces our living room.  Due to a few crazy circumstances, a real tree just wasn’t in the cards for us this year.  At first I was definitely a little sad, as this is a tradition I have grown to love.  However, what I have learned this year is that it really doesn’t matter what type of tree we have.  What the tree signifies means so much more- the festive spirit, the love, and the joy of the season.

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Star Wars Death Star Electronics Lab (Review)

When Raileigh was four years old, she discovered Star Wars.  She fell hard for the franchise from that very first moment.  It has been really exciting to see her love of Star Wars grow as each new movie is released.  It really is a phenomenal time to be a Star Wars fan.

With the influx of the new movie releases, a plethora of Star Wars merchandise has flooded the marketplace.  Amongst all of this new merchandise, we have discovered some true gems.  One of those gems is the Death Star Electronics Lab from Uncle Milton.

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Digital Scrapbooking Template- A Bit One Sided Volume 2

I didn’t begin my digital scrapbooking journey until Raileigh was 8 years old.  That leaves me with years of pictures that have been sitting here, mostly undocumented.  Slowly I am going back through these memories, documenting some of the pictures of Raileigh when she was younger.  It makes me smile and breaks my heart all at the same time.

When Raileigh was first born, I had a point and shoot digital camera.  I knew nothing of editing back then and frequently used the black and white setting on my camera.  Fortunately, my love of black and white photography has only grown stronger over the years, so I don’t mind the plethora of black and white photos we have.  

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Samurai Santa by Rubin Pingk (Book Review)

It was the summer of 2015 and Raileigh wanted to get involved in an extracurricular activity.  We had talked with her about a plethora of possibilities and she had chosen to pursue gymnastics.  We signed her up for a summer camp so that she could see how she felt about the gym and the instructors at a location near our home.  A week before camp was scheduled to begin, a friend invited her to a birthday party at a local martial arts studio.  Raileigh was instantly enamored.  Before the party had even concluded, she was begging to begin taekwondo classes.  We cancelled her gymnastics camp and a few days later we enrolled her in taekwondo.

Fast forward to last December.  After countless taekwondo classes and thousands of hours of training, Raileigh received her black belt in taekwondo.  Right around this time, as I searched for Christmas gift ideas for our family, I stumbled across a rather appropriate book.  Samurai Santa by Rubin Pingk chronicles the tale of a young ninja named Yukio in a unique and incredibly entertaining Christmas story.

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Pixel Scrapper Blog Train December 2018- New Addition

Happy Tuesday everyone!  This was my first month participating in the monthly blog train hosted by Pixel Scrapper.  I have had such a wonderful time creating for this blog train and I am certain I will be participating more in the coming months.

However, I enjoyed the color scheme so much this month that I just could not stop making new things with it.  It may be December 10, but I decided to make an addition to the Pixel Scrapper Blog Train that launched earlier this month.

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Our Visit to the Children’s Museum of Denver

Our last full day in Colorado we found ourselves in Denver.  We dropped family at the airport for an early flight and headed into the city.  We decided to let Raileigh choose what she wanted to do that day and she chose to visit the Children’s Museum of Denver.

The museum is located in the heart of Denver and the bright colors and fun design certainly make it eye-catching.  Our visit coincided with a day that school wasn’t in session, so the museum was a bit crowded.  There were parents spending a day with their children, friends who met up for a fun play date, and local camps who had brought the campers for a day at the museum.

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Black and Gold Christmas Journal Cards (Free Download)

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend.

This weekend has been full of rain.  I am thankful because the temperature stayed just above freezing, which meant that all of the rain didn’t turn into ice.  I live in an area that isn’t prone to winter weather, so we aren’t really equipped to handle it.

Even though it was soggy, we were able to enjoy an early Christmas celebration with some of our family.  It was wonderful to hear laughter throughout my house as Raileigh played with her cousins.  My heart feels very full today.

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Hanukkah Word Art (free download)

It was recently brought to my attention how few products are available to those who celebrate Hanukkah.  When I stopped to think about it, I realized just how true this is.  Take a look at your favorite online scrapbook store.  While you may come across one or two kits that celebrate Hanukkah, the chances are good that you will find hundreds of kits that celebrate Christmas.

My family celebrates Christmas, so I have always enjoyed having such a wide selection of things to choose from.  If I don’t like the first option, that’s okay because there are many others that I can pick instead.  Those who celebrate Hanukkah don’t have this luxury.

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On the Fifth Day of Christmas

When I saw the Rold Gold Pretzel Rings in the store, they instantly jumped into my cart.  My family loves to snack on pretzels and I enjoy whipping up sweet treats with them.  I tend to purchase mini pretzels, but I had something in mind from the moment I saw the pretzel rings.

On the fifth day of Christmas my true love gave to me five golden rings.

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Winter Animals (Free Square Brads)

We live in Georgia and I have to say that this state gets the strangest weather.  A few days ago, temperatures were above 70°F and we were wearing shorts and sandals.  Each day temperatures have dipped a little bit more, getting below freezing at night.  We are expecting ice this weekend and it looks like we won’t get above freezing all day long.

When it gets to be cold, I just wish that it would snow.  The cold is a lot more tolerable when there is a beautiful blanket of white to play in.  We rarely get December snow, though.  Last year was definitely an exception.  A heavy snow cancelled schools in our area and delayed many activities… including Raileigh’s black belt testing.  If we do see snow, it tends to come in January.  My fingers are crossed that one year we will experience a white Christmas.

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