PixelScrapper Blog Train February 2019 (Papers)

While I worked to complete my portion of the blog train for this month, my daughter and I watched the Kid’s Baking Championship on Food Network together.  Have you watched this show before?  The kids on this show are ridiculously impressive.  I enjoy baking quite a lot, but they put any skills I have to shame!  This past week, the task was to create animal print cheesecake.  It seemed rather appropriate that I was designing papers for the “Walk on the Wild Side” blog train at the same time!

Both the theme and color palette this month are fantastic.  

I was inspired to create a set of paper for you.  Instead of a full set of solid papers like I traditionally create for you, I added in some patterned papers as well.  In this set you will find six pieces of solid paper and six pieces of patterned paper.

If you have not already, make sure to download my other portion of the blog train.  It is an animal alphabet.

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