2019 Month Calendars Journal Cards (Free Download)

Did any of you happen to catch the lunar eclipse last night?  Raileigh is infatuated with space and I am so glad that she is.  Her curiosity has led us to witness a number of events that I doubt I would have even known about otherwise.  We began watching the eclipse several hours before the total eclipse- just as the eclipse was beginning.  It was truly incredible to watch as the eclipse expanded and finally eclipsed the entire moon.  The red color of the moon during the total eclipse was like nothing I have seen before.

Even though it will be several years away, I am already excited for the next total lunar eclipse!

On another note… I am also back to share a new download with all of you.  2019 is flying by and I couldn’t let another day pass without getting these monthly calendar cards to you!  This is a set of 3″ x 4″ journal cards.  There is one monthly calendar card for each of the 12 months.  These cards are perfect for Project Life style scrapping, as an addition to a traditional scrapbook page, or even as a cute little calendar on your desk.

If you do happen to use these journal cards in any of your projects, please let me know.  It’s always fun to see the things I create in action.

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