Snowflake Wood Slices (Free Download)

For the past nine years, a real tree has graced our living room.  Each year when we bring the tree home, Darren slices a thin piece off of the bottom of the trunk before putting it into the tree stand.  I always save that small piece of tree trunk with the intention of making it into an ornament or other decoration.  However, after nine years, I have yet to do that.

These wood slices remind me of the pieces of tree trunk that I have saved.  In a sense, they are a digital version of the ornaments I have always envisioned making.

There are 10 wood slices in this collection, each with a different snowflake on it. Each wood slice is saved with a transparent background.

If you use any of these wood slices in a project, please share it with me.  I love to see my creations being used.

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  1. Thank You soooooo much!!!Everything you shared is to fantastic! I wish you a Merry Christmas & God Bless. have a wonderful holiday with friends and family.

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