Valentine’s Day (Free Wooden Brads)

February is literally flying by.  This is a super busy month in our house and I am just trying to take it all in before it passes me by.

Since I always seem to tell you guys about our weather- I also want to mention that it is EIGHTY DEGREES here today.  It is supposedly still winter, but it seems that our weather didn’t get that memo!  That’s okay- give it a few days and our temperatures are supposed to drop 35 degrees.

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ALFLT Blog Train February 2019

Hello everyone!  It’s a beautiful and sunny Saturday here in Georgia.  Atlanta is playing host to Super Bowl LIII and our week has been filled with festivities leading up to the big game.  We’ll actually be watching the Super Bowl from home, but it has been a lot of fun to take part in some of the activities going on around the city.

Today I am excited to be participating in the ALFLT Blog Train for the very first time.  ALFLT stands for A Love for Layout Templates and I will be the first to admit that I definitely love to create templates!

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PixelScrapper Blog Train February 2019 (Papers)

While I worked to complete my portion of the blog train for this month, my daughter and I watched the Kid’s Baking Championship on Food Network together.  Have you watched this show before?  The kids on this show are ridiculously impressive.  I enjoy baking quite a lot, but they put any skills I have to shame!  This past week, the task was to create animal print cheesecake.  It seemed rather appropriate that I was designing papers for the “Walk on the Wild Side” blog train at the same time!

Both the theme and color palette this month are fantastic.  

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PixelScrapper Blog Train February 2019 (Animal Alphabet)

Is it just me or is this year flying by?  I can hardly believe that it is already February!  This is such a busy month for my family and I am looking forward to all of the adventures that this short month holds.

I am so excited that it is also time for another PixelScrapper Blog Train.  I really love the theme this month.  It makes me think of visits to Animal Kingdom at Walt Disney World and that never fails to bring a smile to my face.

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An Exciting Announcement

EDIT FEBRUARY 1- Hello everyone! I apologize in advance for being vague… but due to circumstances beyond my control, my store at Scrappy Sisters will not be opening. Don’t worry because an Extra Sprinkle store will be coming elsewhere in the next few weeks. More details will follow. Thank you for your support.

Hello everyone!  I am here on this Monday morning because I have some very exciting news to share with you.

Starting this Friday, I will be a resident designer at Scrappy Sisters.  I will be joining the group of amazing designers there and opening a shop to sell my scrapbooking designs.

I have been working hard behind the scenes and will have a lot of fun goodies available for you.  Friday cannot come soon enough!

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Your Pie- Opening THIS WEEK in Canton

Everyone in my house thoroughly enjoys pizza.  The thing is that we all enjoy different pizza.  Raileigh is a picky vegetarian and prefers her pizza with only cheese- no sauce, no other toppings.  We’ve tried ordering her cheese bread, but she is insistent that it just isn’t the same.  Darren and I tend to share a pizza because we can agree on toppings.  However, I absolutely love broccoli on my pizza and he thinks that it shouldn’t be anywhere near a pizza.

These differences have made us really excited about the world of fast casual pizza- restaurants where you can order a personal-sized pizza just how you want it.  This is a fast growing area of the restaurant market, so we’ve had the opportunity to try many pizzas over the past few years.  Something that we’ve came to realize is that not all fast casual pizza restaurants are created equal.  It’s not even close.

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2019 Month Calendars Journal Cards (Free Download)

Did any of you happen to catch the lunar eclipse last night?  Raileigh is infatuated with space and I am so glad that she is.  Her curiosity has led us to witness a number of events that I doubt I would have even known about otherwise.  We began watching the eclipse several hours before the total eclipse- just as the eclipse was beginning.  It was truly incredible to watch as the eclipse expanded and finally eclipsed the entire moon.  The red color of the moon during the total eclipse was like nothing I have seen before.

Even though it will be several years away, I am already excited for the next total lunar eclipse!

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Pixel Scrapper Blog Train January 2019- Space Invaders Stickers

Happy Thursday to you!  It’s raining here today, which means that is the absolute perfect day to cuddle up on the couch under a blanket.  I am listening to the rain fall, wishing that a warm chocolate chip cookie would magically appear in my hand, and dreading the walk outside to recover the mail from the box.  How’s your day going?

On this rainy Thursday afternoon, I have an adorable new download to share with all of you.  I thoroughly enjoyed the Pixel Scrapper Blog Train theme this month, so I decided to create an additional piece for the train.  Yes, I know the month is already half over but I hope that you will still find it useful.  These fun pixelated space invader stickers have been colored to match the color scheme for this month’s train and are each available in PNG format.

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Pirates Wooden Brads (Free Download)

Hello friends!  I hope your week has been going well.  Here in Georgia, the weather is cool, but it certainly doesn’t feel like winter to me.  In fact, we will reach temperatures above 60 degrees this weekend.  While that is nice, it is definitely not the weather I am looking for in the middle of winter.

These warmer than usual temperatures have gotten summer on my mind.  My father-in-law lives near the ocean and I thoroughly enjoy our visits to see him.  On a visit last year, he took us to see a pirate ship that lives in the marina near his home.  Several times per week, you can actually go out on the ship.  I hope this is an adventure we’ll go on next time we visit him.

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Scenic View Word Art (Free Download)

As a teenager, my family spent a lot of time exploring the mountains of North Georgia.  We all have this love of waterfalls and the mountains here are littered with them.  Some are visible from the roadside while others require a long trek through dense woods to reach them.  There is simply nothing like being rewarded with a cascading waterfall at the end of a long, hard trail.

North Georgia is full of scenic views.  From waterfalls to towering trees to mountains that look like they go on forever, there is more beauty than you could possibly ever take in.

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