Pixel Scrapper Blog Train April 2019 (Umbrella Weather Stickers)

Welcome to April and the latest installment of the Pixel Scrapper Blog Train.  This month features a soft, muted palette and the theme of umbrella weather.

However, as I sit here writing this post… I also sit here wishing for rain.  We had an unusually wet winter, but spring has brought us dry weather.  The grass is crunchy beneath our feet and most days have brought brush fire warnings due to the lack of rainfall.

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10 Interesting Facts about Dumbo the Flying Elephant

It is finally March 29, 2019… also known as the official release date of Dumbo.

Raileigh has been eager to see this movie for months now, even though the original animated version never fails to bring tears to our eyes.  I am certain this all-new live action Dumbo will do the same.  Regardless, Dumbo has become one of Raileigh’s favorite characters in the past few years and she has been counting down to the release.

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Product Feature- Around and Around Digital Scrapbooking Templates

Circles.  Sigh. If I had to choose one design element that I adore the most, it would have to be circles.  One of the very first scrapbook layouts I created incorporated circles and it has gone on to be my most used shape when I create new page designs.

Needless to say, this template set is probably my personal favorite.  Each template may contain circles, but they are all so drastically different.  I think you’ll enjoy creating layouts with these templates just as much as I do.

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Product Feature- Sweet and Simple Digital Scrapbooking Templates

As much as I love to fill pages with shapes and designs, sometimes it’s nice to dial it back and create something a bit more simplistic.  The vast white space enables the strategically placed elements and paper to shine alongside your photo.

These templates are much more minimal in nature, but that doesn’t make them any less amazing.  In fact, the pages I have created using these templates are some of my most favorite layouts.

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Product Feature- Stripped Down Digital Scrapbooking Templates

I adore using paper strips on my scrapbooking layouts.  They can be configured in so many ways and often resemble a scrapbook quilt when the page is complete.

This set of templates uses paper strips in a variety of ways.  Some strips reach almost all the way across the page, while others are small strips.  Some strips are turned vertically or diagonally, while some remain straight.  This versatility allows for some truly unique layouts that allow both the products you use and your photos to shine.

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Product Feature- In The Pocket Digital Scrapbooking Templates

A while back, my daughter was showing an interest in learning about digital scrapbooking.  The pocket style layouts really appealed to her.  Her style is rather simplistic and she tends to gravitate towards journal cards, so this style of scrapbooking was ideal.

I decided to design a set of templates to serve as a starting point for her.  And…. I didn’t just design a few.  In total, I created EIGHTY-ONE pocket templates.

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